Frequently Asked Question in 4th semester (HRM) in Directorate of Distance Education, University of Jammu that will help you a alot.

There are Frequently Asked Question for 4th semester(HRM).All the students who are preparing  there-selves to appear in Examination, This Question serie would  be a big help to you people […]

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University of Jammu last IV Semester Examination Human Resources Management (H.R.M)2018.Commerce

University of Jammu last  (IV)Semester Examination 2018(H.R.M)Group.  (TIME ALLOWED-3 HOUR Commerce MAXIMUM MARKS-8O COURSE NO -415) SUBJECT- WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION SECTION-A Note- (Attempt any  SIX    (6) Question.Each Question carries  4 marks.  […]

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