University of Jammu 3rd (III) Semester Examination Human Resources Management (H.R.M)2018 commerce

University of Jammu 3rd III semester Examination 2018 (H.R.M) group III Semester Examination M-III/12 Commerce COURSE NO -319 Subject-Organization Changes and  Development Time allowed – 3hour Maximum marks-80 […]

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University of Jammu last IV Semester Examination Human Resources Management (H.R.M)2018.Commerce

University of Jammu last  (IV)Semester Examination 2018(H.R.M)Group.  (TIME ALLOWED-3 HOUR Commerce MAXIMUM MARKS-8O COURSE NO -415) SUBJECT- WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION SECTION-A Note- (Attempt any  SIX    (6) Question.Each Question carries  4 marks.  […]

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Social Responsibility of Business Towards Different Sections of Society

Social Responsibility of Business Towards Owners or Shareholders, Employees,Consumers,Government ,Suppliers and Community: Introduction: Business is a part of society. Business depends upon society for inputs like men, money and skills. […]

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Women Entrepreneurship in India: Introduction and Meaning, Features, Factors, Schemes and Problems Faced For Women Entrepreneurs.

I just want to share Article for you  Today. This will surely helps you  to understand Women Entrepreneur,Factors Growing Women Entrepreneurship,Analyse Problems faced by women Entrepreneurs and suggest Schemes for Women […]

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Simple Ayurveda Beauty Hacks for Simple Girl: In the Hot and Humid Season the Skin needs Toning and Refreshing -The Latest Simple Ayurveda Beauty Tips for Healthy Skin and Hairs for Girls And Women for Occasion to Looking Fabulous and Flaunting our Traditional Indian Outfits.

Here we have Some Wonderful Beauty Tips and Home Remedies that will make sure that your Charm and Glowing   Skin.   1.Watermelon juice: Watermelon juice is a good skin toner and […]

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Raksha Bandhan is on Sunday 26 August 2018.It is observed by Hindu and Did you know it is also called Rakhi. It celebrates the love and responsibility between brother and sister and Why the bond with your brother and sister is special

  I  want to share article for you today. This will surely help you to understand the meaning of Raksha Bandhan and why we celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan.Raksha […]

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Awesome Tips For Beautiful Life That can Reshape Your Life And Natural Healthy Ways HelpTo Increase Memory Power.

Awesome Tips For a Beautiful Life that can Reshape your Body and Natural Healthy Ways to Increase Memory Power and they Provides us Daily Fuel for your Buzy Life. Exercise: […]

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